Cloud resources for

Remote GPU VMs.

Rendering & Visualization

Deploy in minutes a Windows or Linux VM with powerful GPUs It’s simple, friendly, and easy GPU Cloud Rendering Service for everyone.

Redshift, Octane, Blender, V-Ray, Iray, Omniverse.

Custom or Default VMs

Put together the set of tools you normally use or get a VM with predefined software already installed.

Easy Registration

Easy to setup a new account. Connect your social media or register using email to get free credits.

Connect to a VM

Connect to a Windows VM using RDP or Parsec. Use a linux VM with multiple GPUs for intensive jobs.


All machines come equipped with the latest generation Intel CPUs and Nvidia Quadro cards.

Tech Support

You’ll get help on our chat or you start rendering by yourself by using the documentation.

Team Training

Pay as you go in hourly increments or get up to 40% discounts for advanced bulk payments.

Data Transfer

Move data to and from the cloud rendering box to your local station using our own tools, SFTP or Dropbox.

Email Cost Control

Keep costs under control with emails at predetermined amounts. No surprises.

Pricing Plan

Your own VM with one Ampere  A6000 48 GB video card. Priced per hour or on a Daily, Weekly or Monthly Subscription. Custom plans for larger teams available.

For the hourly payment there is a 10$ initial setup fee that will be credited to your account. This is used mainly to discredit spam and credit card fraud.

Get Started

Create an account and start a machine with GPU and 2 GB of RAM for Free. Test the service and order more resources once you are familiar with the platform.

Success Stories

Easy for me to render a few architectural images. Transfer speed is good, most important was that the 2GB GPU service if free and Blender works much faster than my laptop.

Angel Witicker

Architect, Wire Architecture Studio

I would highly recommend Render Blue for any visualization projects where high standards of quality and professionalism are desired. The team was super helpful in setting things up for us.

Debra Becker

Founder & CEO, GABO Games

High quality… I like the price… Team is talented and fast to give more for me, just starting in this industry. Hope to need them more for new projects and expand my work faster.

John Wise

Indie Designer, Inner Visual

Let’s Get Started

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